Welcome to New Intimacity!

Are you ready to discover new territories? 
As we enter New Intimacity, it quickly becomes clear that boredom does not exist here. This colorful and diverse place is loud and bold. Built on foundations like the desire for closeness and the need for trust, New Intimacity evolves every day. 

New Intimacy is body. 
New Intimacy is mind. 
New Intimacy is sex. 
New Intimacy is identity. 
New Intimacy is politics. 
New Intimacy is business. 
New Intimacy is consumerism. 
New Intimacy is spirituality.
New Intimacy is artificial. 
New Intimacy is space. 

The days of purely private intimacy are long over. With the increasing influence of megatrends such as digitalization, individualization, gender shift, and, not least, the "volcanic eruption" of Covid-19, closeness and bonding with each other is being redefined. 
Central to this is the change in civil society. The public and the private sphere once tended to be structurally separate.  Now we have an intimate society in which these boundaries have been softened or, in some cases, completely abolished. Private spheres now seem public and often political. Humans become brands, and brands are searching for humanism and purpose. 
From a gender perspective, New Intimacity displays new role dynamics and stereotypes. These aspects transform and affect all areas of its citizens' lives. The radical nature of this change - further accelerated by the Corona pandemic - offers many opportunities and challenges. We are questioning established structures, rediscovering the importance of emotional bonds, and trying to live them in new, creative ways – analog and digital.  
Of course, there is potential for tension and conflict, which is intensified by general uncertainty and fear. This is visible in re-traditionalization, growing populism, and a demand for simple solutions. 

You can view the trend map and read the texts here and here.
Research & Text: Jacqueline Brantschen, Matea Lukic, Grit Wolany, Christoph Bohne, Katherine Mazzei, Laura Kaufmann, Ludovica Galleani d’Agliano, Juliana Schneider
Illustration: Juliana Schneider
Typography: Ludovica Galleani d’Agliano

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