––––––––– Hi there! I'm Juliana.

I am a multidisciplinary designer with a holistic approach to design. I have a particular interest in Sustainable Design, Social Design, Speculative Futures, Biotech, and Innovation. I specialize in conceptual ideation, in-depth and systematic research, design strategy, and experimental and innovative development. 

I studied Communication Design and Fashion Design at Designschule München for 3 years before I graduated in 2014 with a state certificate. Afterwards, I chose to pursue a career in Photography until I decided that I want to further my education, refresh my skills and broaden my design horizon. Subsequently, I moved to Prague in September 2018 and started studying at Teesside University's Campus in Prague (Prague College). During my studies, I became more and more interested in practicing a design methodology that is inclined to speculating, researching and raising critical questions. Moreover, I was able to nurture and act out my passion for an experimental, analytical, intuitive, transdisciplinary, conceptual and hands-on approach to design.  

After graduating from Teesside University in July 2019 with a Bachelor‘s degree, I moved to the beautiful city of Vienna where I currently work at a multidisciplinary design studio. 

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