––––––––– Hi there! I'm Juliana.

As a trend researcher with a background in design, I aim to build stories and strategies that inspire us to engage with the challenges of a rapidly changing world, as well as to consider cross-disciplinary design as a strategic element to build systems that can evolve, learn, and respond more effectively to current and future challenges.

Above all, I want to explore the future of life at all levels by developing critical and visionary work on our position as humans in relation to all other living and non-living beings. In addition, I would like to question our relationship with nature – our interdependence and interconnectedness – and highlight how much we influence and alter each other.

Since I believe that people have an inherent need to make connections, maintain identities, and form meaningful relationships with the natural world, I want to provide a tangible narrative about the fluid boundaries between the human and non-human world.

I currently live in Zurich, Switzerland, where I am obtaining a Master's degree in Design with a focus on Trends & Identity at Zurich University of the Arts. The Trends & Identity Master’s programme teaches the skills needed for research into visual and cultural trends and future scenarios, design theory, lifestyle analyses, and journalistic and academic work. Creative expertise is combined with exploratory research expertise.

You can find a detailed CV on my LinkedIn page.

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