––––––––– Hi there! I'm Juliana.

I am a trend researcher and futures designer with diverse and extensive experience in the creative industry, thus bringing unique perspectives and diversity to strategy development and innovation processes. I aim to help people and businesses make sense of the world around them and build stories and strategies that inspire us to engage with the challenges of a rapidly changing world. My focus is the exploration of the new and speculative, as well as social, political, economic, technological, and ecological change. My goal is to identify the phenomena and drivers behind trends and uncover references, convergences, and divergences, turn them into bold and actionable insights, and put them to use in a creative manner. I have competencies in visual and cultural trend and futures research, design research and theory, lifestyle analysis, innovation methods, consumer research as well as visionary design and ethnographic research. Moreover, I want to consider the cross-disciplinary application of design as a strategic component to develop systems that can evolve, learn, and respond more effectively to current and future challenges.

My futures thinking skills include, but are not limited to...
...identifying and analysing global and cultural trends and assessing their impact on society.
...examining demographic developments and researching societal change.
...collecting and analysing signals, generating insights, developing future scenarios, and planning future strategies.

...using design research to better understand the underlying and hidden desires, needs, and challenges of the target audience.
...conducting expert and user interviews, facilitating ideation workshops, giving talks, and creating didactic tools.
...using design as a visual communication tool to bring research, insights and concepts to life.

I am currently based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Selection of projects, talks, and other engagements:

March 2023 Sustainability Week 2023 Zurich (upcoming)
Facilitation of a participatory workshop on the topic of «Design for More than Human Futures» at Sustainability Week 2023 in Zurich.

February 2023 Swiss Future Magazin (upcoming)
With my research topic «More than Human Futures», I had the opportunity to contribute to the upcoming issue of Swiss Future Magazine.

Presentation of my research project «Designing for More than Human Futures - Rethinking Design Education beyond Human-Centered Realities» in an exhibition held as part of the conference «Counterparts: Exploring Design Beyond the Human» in the galleries of the Zurich University of the Arts.

September 2022 Panel Discussion PRIMER22
Participation in the panel discussion «Beyond Objects, Identity and Humanity» as a speaker at PRIMER22, an annual event hosted by the Design Futures Initiative.

Presentation of the topic and research of my master project «Designing for More than Human Futures - Rethinking Design Education beyond Human-Centered Realities» in a talk at the Junior Design Research Conference.
Facilitation of a participatory workshop that addressed the topic of my research project.

Facilitation of an ideation workshop on the topic of «Design for More than Human Futures».

April 2021 Future Scenarios for Switzerland Tourism
Development of different future scenarios for Switzerland Tourism on the topic of «The Futures of Business Tourism in Switzerland: Scenarios of Business Tourism in Switzerland in 2030».

Research and development of a detailed trend map on the topic of «The Future of Intimacy».

You can find a detailed CV on my LinkedIn page.

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