The video captures our increasingly technologized world and is an otherworldly experience that takes us on a surreal journey through the sounds and visuals that define our current reality. It starts with the calming sounds of nature – birds chirping, leaves rustling, and water flowing – before transitioning into the familiar but haunting sounds of technology – buzzing machines, beeping devices, and crackling electronics.
The otherworldly visuals in the video showcase the stark contrast between the natural and artificial environments. The video highlights the ways in which we have become more accustomed to the sounds and sights of technology, to the point where it becomes our new nature. The soundscape of the video is carefully crafted to reflect this shift from nature to technology. The sounds of nature slowly fade away, replaced by the eerie sounds of machines and electronic devices. The cacophony of urban life takes over, drowning out the once peaceful sounds of nature.
The piece was made during the early stages of generative AI, and the visuals were intentionally distorted to represent the distorted perspective we might sometimes have on reality. The use of AI to create the visuals adds to the otherworldly feel of the video and highlights the relationship between technology and nature.
All in all, this video is a commentary on our increasingly technologized world and its impact on the environment. It showcases the stark contrast between the natural and artificial environments, and how our new nature has become defined by the sounds and sights of technology. It challenges us to think about our relationship with technology and nature and the importance of navigating through our increasingly complex world.

(Wear noise cancelling headphones for full immersive sound effect)
Concept, Sound, Video Editing: Juliana Schneider
Visuals: AI

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