The project recognizes that design contributes to the challenges in the climate crisis. Climate change can be overwhelming, with doomsday scenarios creating a sense of individual powerlessness. Being a socially and environmentally responsible designer is difficult nowadays, as they face the paradox of challenging the status quo while economically sustaining themselves. However, concrete steps for action are often lacking.
The project aims to translate theoretical research into a practical tool for design students, motivating them to take action and fostering a sense of agency. In the form of a "guided journal," a first prototype is being developed to establish a guide for taking action.​​​​​​​
«Climate-Centered Design – A journal for taking action» is not a book, but a journal for you to feel a sense of agency and remain optimistic in times of the climate crisis. To quickly get you into action, it includes several exercises that help you challenge your assumptions about the relationship between humans, nature, technology, understand how design plays a crucial role in shaping a desirable future, and reflect on your own design practice.

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