The initial brief:

Change the way the world thinks about menstruation issues and undo the social 
stigmas surrounding them.

What’s the challenge?
Talking about menstruation is still largely a social and cultural taboo across the globe. Although menstruation is a normal, healthy part of life for menstruators, stigmas abound. There are still many places where practices of ostracising menstruators are upheld, shaming girls and sometimes even excluding women and girls from taking part in everyday life. This affects the health and emotional, physical, and mental well-being of women, girls, and menstruators who identify as male or non-gender binary. Menstrual health has a huge effect on gender equality and access to equal opportunities.

But how did I get from the initial brief to my final outcome? 

From researching about cultural taboos, sustainable alternatives to existing menstrual products and comparing the menstrual cycle to the life cycle of a plant, I eventually learned and researched about the amazing benefits of coconuts, especially the husk and coir. Thus, I proposed a design concept that suggests the possibility of producing menstrual underwear from up-cycled tropical coconut biomass.

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Innovative fabric technologies made from coconut waste


Cocona is a natural fabric enhancer that is made with activated carbon. The activated carbon is derived from coconut husks. It makes the fabric breathable, waterproof, odor-absorbent, fast-drying, hypoallergenic, and antibacterial. It is a permanent technology that never washes out or wears out. So far, Cocona is mostly used in sports wear.

Nullabor fiber by Nanollose

Unlike conventional rayon, Nanollose’s sustainable Tree-Free Rayon is derived using microbes that convert waste products into microbial cellulose, in a process that takes less than one month and requires very little land, water or energy. The microbial cellulose is then converted into rayon fibres using the Nanollose technology, which is compatible with existing industry processing and manufacturing equipment. Nanollose is currently receiving the waste from the Indonesian coconut industry.​​​​​​​
Game-changing 4-layer technology for ultimate protection during your period

––––––––– Moisture-wicking fabric
Quick-drying and breathable. Neutralizes odors and fights the growth of bad bacteria. 
A natural fiber closest to your skin for added softness and breathability.

––––––––– Super-absorbent fabric
Highly absorbent and leakproof layer made from Nullarbor fiber. Holds up to 3 regular 
tampons’ worth.

––––––––– Extra leakproof
Icoconic added an extra protection layer, so you can feel safe and comfy while menstruating. 
Fights odor, bacteria and is breathable.

––––––––– 100% waterproof outerlayer
Cocona fabric enhancer makes the icoconic panties 100% leak- and waterproof.
It‘s waterrepellent from the outside and even protects you from the sun.
Multifunctional period panties made from up-cycled coconuts

To support my vision and concept with visuals, I created a brand concept called Icoconic. The illustrations were made to bring the concept to life and make it more tangible.
Icoconic is a new brand on the period market. They produce period panties that are made from up-cycled coconuts derived from the tropical coconut industry. Icoconic works closely together with Cocona and Nanollose, two companies that revolutionize the textile market by turning coconut waste into wearable garments.
Whereas other brands still use organic cotton, organic bamboo and other seemingly sustainable materials, Icoconic is only made from available resources that. Coconuts grow naturally and the waste is usually discarded, ruining the soil. But newest technologies turn the waste into fabrics.
But what is so special about icoconic period panties? They are multifunctional! That means, you can wear the panties for comfort, you can wear them for sporty activities, AND you can even wear them for swimming. All while having your period. For real. Thanks to the 4-layer technology, icoconic period panties are moisture-wicking, super absorbent, extra leakproof, and 100% waterproof!

––– Prague College
Research and ideation phase
A solution that contributes to a more sustainable future

Because waste production is such a huge and important topic that literally affects every single living being in this world, I decided to create a sustainable solution to tackle the menstruation problem. A solution that will make the world a cleaner and climate-friendlier place.

The idea that started it all
But how can a tampon grow a tree in a real or metaphorical sense?
It's getting real

Once the decision fell on menstrual products made from coconut waste, I started sketching out ideas on the product's look and functionality. 

Once the quick sketches were done, I started with the digital prototyping of the underwear and its functionality. Additionally, to give the product an identity, I came up with the brand name icoconic. Icoconic = Iconic + Coconut. 
Final imagery

The prototypes looked quite technical, serious, and functional. That is why I decided to make icoconic more fun and colorful to take the fear and seriousness out of the menstruation topic. By making it more playful, the period definitely becomes less scary.

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