Mutant bacteria 

The rise of biotechnology predicted the 4th industrial revolution, the bio revolution. In 2020, scientists were trying to create a type of bacteria, that can live under extreme weather conditions, produces enough oxygen and help to clean the air we breath. They wanted a hybrid, that guarantees our survival on earth. But a few years into the research with different types of bacteria, scientists created a dangerous hybrid mutation of extremophile bacteria and cyanobacteria by accident. These new types of bacteria suddenly spread out and inhabited the planet in an unbelievable pace.​​​​​​​
Because this bacteria mutation is partly cyanobacteria, the one organism that supplies us with clean oxygen, performs a very rare and poisonous type of photosynthesis which releases toxins into the air at the same time as it releases oxygen. Because this bacteria mutation is also an extremophile, it can survive in extreme conditions, making it impossible to wipe it out. Since creating the bacteria mutation, scientists have been researching on methods to reverse this mutation and stop it from spreading out. That is why certain areas are marked as exclusion zones, as the concentration of this bacteria and the toxins in the air are too high and potentially dangerous and fatal for the human when exposed to  longer than 60 minutes.​​​​​​​
This scientific accident led to a revolt because bacterial air pollution levels rose to an extreme level. Subsequently, human beings started a revolution and many protests happened thereafter. Many wanted the IGPE (International Government of the Planet Earth) to prohibit or at least monitor biological and scientific experiments more strictly, because if these experiments go wrong again, it could threaten all living organisms on the planet we inhabit. After the demonstrations against the bio revolution, the scientific experiments stopped, and subsequently, the bio revolution was not as big as anticipated in 2020. Scientists are still researching with various living organisms and performing small scale experiments, but the IGPE is strictly monitoring these experiments to prevent another outbreak.
404 Error Attacks 

It was the 4th of April 2020, a day that is also called the 404 Error Attacks, when a cyber attack broke the internet, followed by a 10 year cyber war. It not only costed lives, but also the privacy of millions of people. Suddenly, the world knew every single detail about you if they wanted to know. It was a dark day in history. The following days, digital communication was slowly shut down. I cannot believe that no one could have anticipated it. Information technology was so advanced that humans trusted it blindly by sharing their private information on the internet, pressing the "accept terms and conditions" button on every single page on the World Wide Web they visited, riding on self-driving vehicles without even having a second thought about it, and employing smart home systems and robots that controlled their whole life. What a paradox and absurd thought that is to put your life in the hands of a machine who has learned its intelligence from an algorithm designed by the human mind. Following these events, a new world emerged, ridden by mistrust, fear and loss of orientation, physically and spiritually. The government decided to put a hold on researching in this field any further and the internet was shut down for a while to avoid any further cyber criminality. Moreover, after the 404 Error Attacks, the research on Artificial Intelligent became very limited through new laws by the International Government of the Planet Earth (IGPE). ​​​​​​

A big search for the responsible minds behind this attack was initiated. Houses were searched, people were scanned, machines were taken apart. A few weeks into this search for the cyber criminals who turned the world upside down, the International Bureau of Investigation (IBI) created a system on how to find convicts more efficiently. By studying and researching the minds of former cyber convicts, the IBI was able to detect patterns in cyber operations and finally, they were able to find the guilty. The artificial intelligent system, which was responsible for excessive data theft and publication, and millions of deaths through robotic systems, was operated by Black Swan Analytica, an agency which was famous for data collection and analysis for political electoral processes. But it wasn't that easy, because who can be the one to blame if a machine is as intelligent and ethical as a human? Subsequently, the company was closed, and an intense trial began against the leaders. The court ruled manslaughter through culpable negligence and grand larceny. The leaders were sentenced to 10 years in prison with the possibility of parole. And that's that. So what were the consequences? ​​​​​​​
The IGPE put strict laws on information technology and humans started mistrusting AI systems intensely, that the rise and research of AI slowed down dramatically. Since the 404 Error Attacks, robots have to go through extreme tests until released. Robots and AI systems who pass the Turing Test are not allowed on the market. Only humans can legally be human. Cyborg transformations have been prohibited completely. People travel to illegal places to have a transformation performed. But to this day, the location of these places are not known and are currently under prosecution by the IBI. The World Wide Web was reinvented and went unter extreme reorganisation. You were no longer allowed to share private information. Digital payment, which was common up to 2025, was prohibited. And electronic communication through email is only possible because the IGPE is monitoring and filtering it. 
––––– Wild Card – A wild card is a low probability event, but if it were to occur it would have a significant impact on the future environment.
––––– Black Swan – A black swan is an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences. Black swan events are characterized by their extreme rarity, severe impact, and the widespread insistence they were obvious in hindsight.

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