Hi, I am Juliana, a holistic creative who specializes in strategy, storytelling and design for a desirable future on our planet.

Climate-Centered Design
The project, "Climate-Centered Design – A guided journal for taking action," stems from the research dissertation "Designing for More than Human Futures," recognizing design's role in the climate crisis.
Artikel für swissfuture – Magazin für Zukünfte
In der aktuellen und ersten Ausgabe 2023 von "swissfuture - Magazin für Zukünfte" bin ich mit meinem Artikel "Designing for More than Human Futures" vertreten.
Contribution for Journal of Global Pop Cultures
Apocalyptic Optimists
A Manifesto for More than Human Futures. As a part of my research project «Designing for More than Human Futures», I designed and sewed a series of flags that capture the activist nature of my project. They carry a manifesto for More than Human Futures.
Designing for More than Human Futures
The design and research project «Designing for More than Human Futures» develops forward-looking approaches to the topic of sustainability. Humans, nature and technology are no longer considered separately, but rather understood as a unity.
Symbiocity – A speculative exploration into the future
What if humans, nature and technology were not separate anymore in the future? With my initial trend, design and ethnographic research on post-anthropocentric futures, I set out to explore how a future city might look like that is built on More than Human values.
All things are in flux
The video captures our increasingly technologized world and is an otherworldly experience that takes us on a surreal journey through the sounds and visuals that define our current reality.
Welcome to New Intimacity
For a cooperation between STURMundDRANG and Trends & Identity, we dealt with the topic of "New Intimacy". With input from practicing trend researchers, we developed a collection of phenomena and artifacts around the topic of the future of intimacy. Subsequently, we created a trend map in the form of a metaphorical, colorful city.
GrowPak – A step towards closing the loop
A project that explores the future possibilities of biologically growing bacterial cellulose from organic food waste and surplus goods to create a sustainable and biodegradable alternative to the current single-use plastic packaging.
Seaweed as a sustainable source of bioplastics
An investigation of agar and its potential usefulness as one of the alternatives to synthetic plastics. "Seaweed as a sustainable source of bioplastics" is an on-going material research project through an experimental and hands-on approach.
Menstrual underwear made from up-cycled coconuts
A research-based, conceptual project that explores the possibility of creating multifunctional menstrual underwear from tropical coconut biomass.
Nostalgia in Design
An in-depth research on nostalgia and its impact on brand communication, advertising strategy and product promotion.
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