Welcome to New Intimacity
During a recent module, we dealt with the topic of New Intimacy. With input from practising trend researchers, we developed a collection of phenomena and artefacts around the topic of intimacy and its future. Subsequently, we created a trend map in the form of a colourful city map.
GrowPak – A step towards closing the loop
A project that explores the future possibilities of biologically growing bacterial cellulose from organic food waste and surplus goods to create a sustainable and biodegradable alternative to the current single-use plastic packaging.
Seaweed as a sustainable source of bioplastics
An investigation of agar and its potential usefulness as one of the alternatives to synthetic plastics. "Seaweed as a sustainable source of bioplastics" is an on-going material research project through an experimental and hands-on approach.
Menstrual underwear made from up-cycled coconuts
A research-based, conceptual project that explores the possibility of creating multifunctional menstrual underwear from tropical coconut biomass.
Nostalgia in Design
An in-depth research on nostalgia and its impact on brand communication, advertising strategy and product promotion.
Wild Cards and Black Swans*
What could be the most unexpected and absurd events up to 2050 that would make all of our current future predictions totally obsolete? – A speculative thought experiment born out of curiosity about the future.
Tactile Coffee
The research project - Tactile Coffee - is about creating a tactile and aromatic material from leftover coffee grounds. By maintaining the graininess and aroma of the coffee grounds, the material will provide you with a multisensory experience and will make you rethink waste and appreciate your daily coffee more.
A glimpse into my sketchbook
In my sketchbook I like to experiment and combine different techniques, such as analog photography, illustration, painting, trash, and collages to create interesting compositions and color combinations. But most importantly, my sketchbook is where my artistic soul can run free.
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